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The Guggenheim Museum

Invited by Peggy Guggenheim's granddaughter, Madalyn serves as The Guggenheim Museum's resident clearer. ~Click 'Museum' for details~

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HGTV House Whisperer

Genevieve Gorder debuts Madalyn's energy clearing on her new show Genevieve's Renovation.

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Christie's New York

Madalyn Aslan reads Andre Gregory at Christie’s.
The only readings auctioned in Christie’s 250-year history.

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Time Magazine

"The very gifted Madalyn Aslan" - Time Magazine

Madalyn Aslan (née Todd) is a descendant of Mary Todd Lincoln, who brought psychics into the White House 120 years before Nancy Reagan did.

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The New York Times

"Ms. Aslan sees subtle detail that others don't... with the gently practiced air of a surgeon."
- The New York Times

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Private Readings

Madalyn provides readings worldwide over the phone, so your reading is only a phone call away.
-Carson Daly reading

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Monthly Horoscopes

Every month, on the 23rd, Madalyn provides detailed monthly horoscopes to her members. A week early!

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Monthly Archives

Monthly archives are free to all.

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Private Clearings

HGTV House Whisperer: Genevieve Gorder debuts Madalyn's TV clearings

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Daily Horoscopes

To empower you for the day ahead!

Your reading still sits deep in me two years later, it was so very healing and profound and of all the astrologers in the world you are my favorite.
Oliver Guttorm Svendsen
Capricorn, Copenhagen, Denmark