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The very gifted Madalyn Aslan. Madalyn is the only major American astrologer who predicted President Obama would be re-elected.
Time Magazine
In New York, try the fashionable Madalyn Aslan...
W Magazine
Ms. Aslan sees subtle detail that others don’t… with the gently practiced air of a surgeon..
The New York Times
The best psychic in New York City.
Brilliant Madalyn
ELLE Magazine
Madalyn is astonishing! A treasure. I’m all for self-improvement, and helping others get on with it — BEAUTIFUL!!
The late, great, Helen Gurley Brown, Cosmo Chief
Madalyn creates a sense of wonder in her crystal clear explanation of the ancient art of astrology. She is a master.
Susan Miller,
A clear expert in her field, Madalyn is brilliant, articulate, and presents herself beautifully.
The Today Show
You are the most breathtakingly accurate astrologer and psychic I have ever encountered.
Peri Lyons, Pisces, New York, New York
What you said was shocking, no comparison to any other reading I have had, I cannot believe you can see that much. In the last year every single one of your predictions came true.
Manyago Ndebelamatwi, Scorpio, Gabon, Africa
Thank you Madalyn, from the bottom of my heart. I haven't felt this light and able to move forward probably ever!
Laura Geir, Aquarius, Guovdageaidnu, Norway
Your reading still sits deep in me two years later, it was so very healing and profound and of all the astrologers in the world you are my favorite.
Oliver Guttorm Svendsen, Capricorn, Copenhagen, Denmark
Thank you for your beautiful bright light. I could see it and I could feel it. Beautiful, inspiring, intriguing, absolutely astonishing!
Narcisa Kovacevic, Virgo, Sarajevo, Bosnia
You are the absolute best, Madalyn. I’m so grateful for you. I can’t thank you enough for how you have helped me in my life. You make me happy!!
Genevieve Gorder, Leo, New York, New York
I am still in awe from your reading. Thank you for sending me the MP3 of our session. I’ve listened to it quite a bit and your insights and wisdom still amaze and overwhelm me. I ordered your book last night and I can’t wait to read it.
Kathy Quail, Aries, Secaucus, New Jersey
Thank you for your reading. It is so precise and accurate that I am completely amazed. Hope you reach out to more people and spread the good work. Very impressed.
Selvi Priya, Taurus, Mocokchung, India
It’s amazing how you read. What a gift you have. How gifted you are. I have met with other psychics, but you I trust. Your reading put me to peace.
Vanessa Schreiber, Cancer, London, UK
WOW!!! I know I was quiet. It was mostly because I was picking myself up off the floor. You hit on so many points that were accurate for me. It was amazing — a positive, unique, and uplifting experience.
Michael Isip, Cancer, North Royalton, Ohio
Do you know me?!!!! Otherwise, how could you know exactly what I am going through right now… You left me speechless!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Nikki Gjeloshaj, Capricorn, Bar, Montenegro
You are the best out there. Seriously. And you truly inspire me to want to improve the world and approach it with the same qualities that you do. So thank you.
Carlo Lau, Libra, Liverpool, England
Stunning, and just as you predicted! In my reading on the 30th, you were very clear that an important new relationship was quickly approaching. I couldn’t imagine anyone. I met him 5 days after my reading.
Patrice Taylor, Gemini, Washington, DC
Interestingly, you are exactly correct in everything that has occurred. You are probably not surprised by this – although I must say I was a little taken aback as I read your comments, having had it all just finish almost that day. Once again, thank you.
Kiyomi Hiro, Sagittarius, Tokyo, Japan
You have brought light and meaning to me during the darkest times in my life. My healing really began with your reading last year. I am emotionally in a much better place now. I am following through with what you had encouraged me to do – It has helped me immensely.
Malini Srinivasan, Leo, Chittoor, India