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The Guggenheim Museum

Invited by Peggy Guggenheim's granddaughter, Madalyn serves as The Guggenheim Museum's resident clearer. ~Click 'Museum' for details~

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HGTV House Whisperer

Genevieve Gorder debuts Madalyn's energy clearing on her new show Genevieve's Renovation.

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Christie's New York

Madalyn Aslan reads Andre Gregory at Christie’s.
The only readings auctioned in Christie’s 250-year history.

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Time Magazine

"The very gifted Madalyn Aslan" - Time Magazine

Madalyn Aslan (née Todd) is a descendant of Mary Todd Lincoln, who brought psychics into the White House 120 years before Nancy Reagan did.

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The New York Times

"Ms. Aslan sees subtle detail that others don't... with the gently practiced air of a surgeon."
- The New York Times

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Private Readings

Madalyn provides readings worldwide over the phone, so your reading is only a phone call away.
-Carson Daly reading

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Monthly Horoscopes

Every month, on the 23rd, Madalyn provides detailed monthly horoscopes to her members. A week early!

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Monthly Archives

Monthly archives are free to all.

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Private Clearings

HGTV House Whisperer: Genevieve Gorder debuts Madalyn's TV clearings

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Daily Horoscopes

To empower you for the day ahead!

Thank you Madalyn, from the bottom of my heart. I haven’t felt this light and able to move forward probably ever!
Laura Geir
Aquarius, Guovdageaidnu, Norway