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  • Gemini January 2014

    Loved ones giving you hot and cold signals? Do we stay or do we go? Yup, it’s up to you, Gemini, to be the moderate, sensible one about the home and finances. Probably best not to take that splurge trip, not until next month anyway (when your house of travel gets cooking), but if it’s too late for that, donna worry aboud it! Just use caution in your spending, cook in as much as you can (yeah, I know), and you’ll be okay.

    Maybe you feel it is the time to resolve your finances for the year, once and for all. But with Jupiter retrograde in your second house, you must – please – be patient with your financial concerns. They clear up and move forward positively as March begins. (Lucky Jupiter turns direct on Thursday, March 6, to be exact.) I know this seems like forever, but it’s NOT. And, you know what? The time passes anyway…

    And you are actually being helped, believe it or not, by the universe with your finances at this time. Even with the delays (Venus retrograde and Jupiter retrograde). So – take a breath, and TRUST.

    For in your eighth house of mutual resources and finances – this could be a financial trust, company you work for, a foundation to which you are committed, a spouse with whom you have a joint bank account, a family with shared property - you have:

    The all-powerful Sun

    Love and beauty planet Venus (in retrograde until January 31, meaning patience for money and settlements will be needed until then)

    Your thoughtful ruler, brilliant Mercury

    And an exciting new Capricorn Moon on Wednesday, January 1 – powerful new life in your sex life at the beginning of 2014!

    These are awesomely positive and powerful forces blessing you in the eighth house areas traditionally ruled by intense Scorpio:

    Joint finances and mutual resources

    Your and other people’s money

    Inheritance and taxes

    Unemployment and work compensation

    Your psychic side

    Death and rebirth: transformation

    Sex and intimacy (with whom do you want it?)

    Clearing out the old, welcoming in the new

    This last one includes cleaning out your closets of outdated past remnants of you, bringing in a new, up-to-date wardrobe, new looks, new you.

    Why not? There will be a new you! All your power restored!

    There is transformation in the area of home, family, and domestic concerns. But just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water…

    I’m teasing, dear Gemini! There will be surprising changes that you will LIKE.

    Talk it over with those you’ve known the longest. Be open.

    Others are basically insane until the end of this month, December, so just let it be. You get the full support you asked for as 2014 begins.

    It will be alright, Gemini. A very lucky year is coming for you. You must allay your worry, and your fears. Take a DEEP BREATH. Hold. Let go. Your star is on the rise. It’s just other people who are the problem.

    All your relationships improve actually after the beginning of the year.

    Attached Gemini: there is the wonderful possibility for hanky panky, but, again, wait until the new year for everything to be okay with the two of you again.

    Single Gemini, dating will resemble a comedy of errors until the end of the year (December 31) – talk about mixed signals! – just hang in there! Wait until the new year.

    There is intense merging and sharing as the new year begins.

    Mothers-in-law or sisters-in-law can only haunt for so long.

    You are your own, best prescriber. You know what’s wrong and you can fix it.

    Meanwhile, you can dare to make big plans. You can call in favors from past relationships and partnerships. And you can dream ahead to Sunday, January 19, when you can take that leap of faith jaunt or trip.

    The first half of 2014 you manifest a dream that has been in-waiting for a long time.

    I congratulate you, dear Gemini, for taking the high road in attempting to express yourself.

    Many of you seem to have been taking care of an ill one – or just someone who’s really frustrated – and your behavior has been exemplary.

    If you have been feeling frustrated the past few months — well, you’re not alone. All your sister and brother twins have been experiencing similar head vices!

    The great news is that January is the month you break through.

    January is full of revelations and surprises, just you wait!

    You become unblocked. Your career as a drudge is over. Creative inspiration abounds.

    You are also done with waiting on and being disappointed by others.

    You have had the experience of being endlessly put upon. Please see some of this, dear Gemini, as self-created. Because it IS. People are actually conspiring to help you now — if you let them.

    Both creatively and romantically, collaborations will be golden for you.

    However long you’ve been going at it on your own — it is time to relax your fierce self-protection.

    With the cessation of your anxiety, so comes self-discovery.

    And a new chapter begins in your life.

    It is self-illumination of the highest order.

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    I look forward to reading you, dear Gemini.

    YOUR LUCKY DAYS! Gemini Sun and Gemini Jupiter, your times of destiny are:

    (Eastern Time) Saturday, January 11 after 7:26 AM; all of Sunday, January 12; Monday, January 13 until 7:25 PM.

    Take care.

    With love,

    Madalyn Aslan