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By Alan Bridges

Saturday 28 / Sunday 29 March 2015


Take advantage of the break you're being given this weekend. You see, you can begin something new - something exciting. The coast is clear and no-one is standing in your way. So, if you want what you've been saying you wanted, then this is your chance. In short, you've got a go-go-go scenario over the next two days. Carpe diem!


Watch it with what could be considered criticism this weekend. You see, the feedback you have to offer could come across somewhat harsh, if not outright disrespectful. So, if you're not full of praise, then perhaps you should consider keeping schtum. You need for the company you're keeping to keep you in their good books!


It's a weekend to consider where your true loyalties lie. You see, I am sensing that you're torn and that you've been this way for quite some time. Well, stop tying yourself up in knots - especially when it's something that is so easily resolved. All you have to do is decide with which camp you'll align yourself. Get your head straight, pull yourself together and then make your announcement!


You'll find that your opinion is requested this weekend not just once but over and over again. But I'm not so sure that everyone is ready for your honesty - especially the sort that could be classified as brutal. So, consider how you can pad your words. Of course, you have to be true and authentic to your feelings. But you also need to be diplomatic. Oh how you're going to love this challenge!


You'll find yourself with unusually itchy feet this weekend. And it will cause you to want to be on the go. Where will it lead? Well, of course, that is still up in the air. All I can say is that you had been asking for an adventure and you're about to have one. Put another way, you made your wish and it has been granted. Get ready, get set, go!


Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing you can do. And right now, this is especially true when it comes to money. You see, I'm sensing that there are people in your midst who could be overselling a certain financial opportunity. Let someone else go first and see what happens. After all, you've worked far too hard to let your cash simply evaporate!


It's a weekend to focus on physical distances. You see, you and you know who seem to have begun moving in two separate directions. And you're no longer spending as much time together as you used to. Well, don't let this trend continue. It's up to you to do something about it. If absence has made the heart grow fonder, then you have to say so - aloud!


You need to keep in mind this weekend that you're building foundations for your dream. And as such, they need to be firm and secure. So, don't take any short-cuts. What you want is worth doing and so it's worth doing right. Follow the relevant procedures to the letter. And if you're not sure how to go about things, phone a friend or better yet read the instructions!


It's time to have a reunion. That's right, you should arrange a get-together or a party this weekend where old friends can re-assemble. Too many of your lot have fallen out of touch with each other. Make the arrangements and let the reminiscing get under way. Gaps need to be bridged and bonds re-established. Everyone clicked back then - and they can do so again in the future!


Don't expect your plans to go off without a hitch this weekend. And so, when it seems that it is starting to go awry - and it will - just let it happen. Rest assured that what is supposed to work out will and what's not won't. It's rather like life is pushing you - testing you - to see how accepting you can become. So, my advice would be not to challenge yourself further and instead simply surrender your expectations at the door!


You're a free spirit. And that's great. But there are times when you could do with being a bit more organised. This weekend is a case in point. There are things to be done and there's an order in which they have be arranged. So, make sure that you remember that it's not just about you. Those who are depending on you will be grateful for you being especially structured and methodical right now!


An agreement that you made some time ago is moving into the spotlight this weekend. And you'll need to consider - long and hard - whether you wish to modify it - or even cancel it. Ask yourself if your life is better or worse for that deal having been done. You're in an advantageous position. Wield your power wisely!

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