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By Alan Bridges

Friday 27 March 2015


It's decision time for you. That's right, you need to show those around you that you can make up your mind - all by yourself. Whether you appreciate it or not, you're setting an example - for better or for worse. And that means that people are looking to you to set the tone. Make sure that you're moving forward in a conscious and authentic manner!


Don't get too defensive today. To be sure, things may not be easy. But that's no reason to assume that the whole world is conspiring against you. Do what you have to do - but not in an overly assertive or even unnecessarily independent way. If you need something, then you still have to be willing to ask for it. Have a bit more faith in people - including yourself!


There is so much that you could be doing today. But simply adding to your to-do list won't do anything right now other than to make you feel the pressure to deliver more acutely. So, do something different. Allow yourself to coast for a bit. Believe you me, those around you owe you as we both know that you have picked up their slack more times than either of us can remember!


Just because you can do something doesn't necessarily mean that it's a good thing to do. You see, I sense that you're hedging your bets. You don't seem to be willing to commit to that situation and yet, you've not yet walked away from it. So, what's it going to be? Pretty soon you'll have to decide. My advice would be to try to appreciate that you're being given an opportunity to broaden your horizons. Embrace it!


It would be so nice if you knew exactly how it was all going to work out. And yet, life seems to be preventing you from catching a glimpse in that direction. Perhaps it's because it's all still up in the air. You've still got an opportunity to bring your influence to bear on the situation. Naturally, you'll first have to know what it is that you want. So, there you go - you've got your starting point!


Get ready for a certain someone to drop something on you today - from a great height. And according to what I'm sensing, they could try to make it seem like you didn't do your job. Well, of course, I know what a load of you know what that is. But you shouldn't be overly confident that everyone else will see through the sham. If I were you, I'd do what was necessary to cover my backside!


You're in the mood to do someone close to you a good turn. And I applaud the Samaritan in you. But you should take stock of your present commitments before you go too far. Pulling them out of a hole only to land yourself in one wouldn't be an ideal result. Know your limits. There's nothing to be gained by making grand gestures that remain only gestures!


You seem to be focused on what's not happening or what's not working out right now. But I cannot help but feel that you're concentrating a bit too much on what you don't want. Remember, we create our own reality. Thoughts are real and influence more than our moods. Make sure that you're sufficiently in control of what's spinning around in that head of yours!


You don't seem to be sharing what you feel right now. And you're right that expressing what's in your heart may upset a certain someone. But if you hold it in, you're not really going to be helping matters much. So, consider how you can communicate your point of view. Remember, it's not just the short term that you should be thinking about. More is at stake!


You seem to be rather bored today. And it's leading you to do more of the same when what you want is anything but. Remember, if you want a different outcome, then you have to do something different. Consider what it would take to coax yourself in a new direction. Simply adopting a fresh viewpoint will improve your prospects immensely!


There's going to be a lot that gets said this Friday. And according to what I'm sensing, you're not going to like much of it. But I'm sorry to say that I sense that they are right in this instance. Don't shoot the messenger simply because you had hoped for another message. Be a grown-up and take what's coming to you on the chin. Remember, you're made of stern stuff!


Your intuition is going to be working overtime this Friday. And what that little voice has to tell you is incredibly important to your career. So, pay very close attention. Travel is coming up for you and you'll want to be sure that you go forth with an open mind. Not all will be as it seems - and that's a very good thing indeed in this instance!

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