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By Alan Bridges

Wednesday 23 April 2014


It's a day to embrace your freedom. And the key to doing that is to realise that you have been given a gift in this incarnation - your free will. Never underestimate the power you wield when you realise you and you alone answer that age-old question (also famously sung by The Clash) - shall I stay, or shall I go? There's a voice inside of you - one that will never, ever steer you wrong!


There's a choice to be made this Wednesday. And with all that is going on around you, it could seem a little intimidating, if not actually overwhelming. But I encourage you to step back and remind yourself how fortunate you are to have options - and yes, you most certainly do have options. No-one is forcing your hand. And it's up to you to set the pace. So, proceed when you're ready - and only when you're ready!


I encourage you to slow down this morning and take a long, hard look upwards - in the sky. You see, sometimes you just have to remind yourself that the sun came up this morning - just like it did yesterday and just like it will tomorrow. It's all about keeping a perspective on life. Don't let yourself go into Chicken-Little mode. You have weathered far worse than is coming your way today. Trust me, this is going to be easy-peasy!


What's taking place right now may seem worse than it actually is. What I'm getting at is that appearances can and will deceive you. But that will happen only if you fall into the trap of seeing that glass as half-empty. You can (and should) decide to do something other than what everyone else is doing. You can decide that you will only resonate with positivity and that you will only acknowledge that which is good. If you do, I guarantee you an incredibly fulfilling Wednesday!


Now isn't the time for committing to any particular path or course of conduct. Instead, life is presenting you with this fork in the road - not to tease or frustrate you - but to encourage you to sample what's open to you. That's right, there's nothing to say that you cannot try-before-you-buy, so to speak. Come on, feel free to dip your toe in the water!


The winds of change certainly are blowing. But instead of running to the hills, you should be opening the door and welcoming this shift into your life. You see, business as usual just wasn't doing it for you. So, don't be fearful or even shy. Instead, get out there and embrace all that is available to you. Things are on the up. Have faith that improvement is just around the corner and it will be. All you have to do is have faith!


You have laid the foundations for your next move in life. They are firm, solid and secure. In fact, there's nothing to stop you from doing what you want to do. There's no risk that you slide back into that old pattern of behaviour that you recognised needed to change. So, celebrate your progress and rejoice in the happiness that has come into your heart!


You're going to be with a group today and I'm sensing that you could be more than a little anxious that you won't exactly be with kindred spirits. Well, just as they warn you about judging a book by its cover, I encourage you to give this would-be motley crew the benefit of the doubt. You see, I sense that you're more alike than you would think. Give them a chance to prove themselves and they will do just that!


To be sure, this is a time of flux in your life. Things are moving. But if you ask me, this is all kinds of good. You see, all this searching that you've been doing of late is about to pay off. That's right, you are on the verge of making a very important discovery about yourself. Let the fire, enthusiasm and confidence that dwells within your soul come forth. You'll soon realise - as will everyone else - that you're a force to be reckoned with - one that cannot be pigeon-holed!


It would be so nice if a certain situation would resolve itself. But you have to be patient. You see, there's a reason that old adage proclaims that good things come to those who wait - it's because it's true. In this modern society of ours, we have come to believe that anything short of instant gratification is wrong or an indication of a short-coming. Take a deep breath and make peace with that feeling of anticipation - for a little while longer yet!


Your life is moving into something of an expansive chapter. That's right, your world is growing - and you are growing along with it. So, don't settle for what used to work or even used to make you happy. It's time to step back and make sure that what you're bringing into your life is right and good for you now. There's a new you in town. Give yourself a chance to get properly acquainted!


You are going to find yourself in something of a mystery this Wednesday. To be sure, the solution you'll be seeking will be anything but clear. And while that might sound bad or even scary, I feel that you should see it as anything but. There's a reason that you're having to work at putting this puzzle together. It's all down to making sure that you've had enough time to realise there is always more than one side to any story. All you have to do is turn the kaleidoscope through which you're viewing the situation to behold something simply amazing!

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