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By Alan Bridges

Saturday 18 / Sunday 19 April 2015


This weekend will see you in a very passionate state of mind. And you could find yourself signing up for the sorts of things that you wouldn't normally give a second thought to. Well, I wouldn't want to say anything to discourage you. If you ask me, you're on to something that is long, long overdue. Bravo!


The news you've been waiting for is on its way. But I don't sense that it will arrive this weekend. And so, you have to make peace with the not knowing a bit longer. Don't worry about what could happen. Just stay focused on the here and now as well as the dream that you're nurturing in your heart. Remember to whom those good things in life go!


It's time to take charge. And this will inevitably involve taking a few more risks, of the calculated sort. It's all about shaking things up. And if that means that some people start to see you in a new light, then so be it. I'm sensing that this change in direction will allow you to be you in a way that you've never really experienced before!


I'm seeing a hand being extended to you this weekend. But I have to say that I'm not all that convinced that their motives are wholly honourable. And so, you should make your next move carefully. Of course, you should accept what's on offer with a smile and a thank you. Beyond that, make sure that you've taken steps to protect yourself until more becomes clear!


You've started something and you need to finish it. Someone close to you is depending on your assistance. Don't leave them in the lurch. Believe you me, they are hanging on by their fingernails. You are such a strong person. Show them how they too can possess a strength similar to yours. In other words, this weekend you are the mentor!


There's been so much talk on the topic of family life. And this weekend, the talking must stop. It's not about not communicating as much as it is about showing that you mean business. To show you know who that you love them means taking action in this instance. Sometimes we don't always see what's so clearly best for us!


You still seem to be enjoying some much-deserved time in the spotlight of life. But this weekend you need to remember what you have clearly forgotten. You see, I seem to recall you saying that you'd do a certain someone a favour. Of course, it's down to your good grace. Still, I sense that following through would be the best thing to do - even if not the most inviting!


There's something you're trying to achieve. Unfortunately, it's not just you who is doing it. If it were, it would be done and dusted already. But alas, you're part of a partnership. And this weekend, your challenge is to come up with a way to drive it forward. Movement is required. Perhaps revealing why it's all so important to you could be the ticket!


I fear that some disappointment could be on the way. You see, I sense that you're about to discover that you're in a triangle of sorts. And according to what I'm sensing, it's going to hit closer to home than you would like. The main thing is to deal with this head-on. Confrontation and confrontation alone will resolve the matter promptly as well as efficiently!


It's a weekend when you'll have a rare opportunity to review agreements - ones that were actually made not so long ago. If there are tweaks you'd like to make, then this is your chance. The pen is being handed to you. So, do your part by saying what you want with courage. In other words, you've got to speak up now!


There's a time to have a plan. And then, there's a time, like this weekend, when you're far better off allowing yourself to be quite flexible with any arrangements that have been made. There's nothing to be gained by forcing through what you wanted to do, or even what you know should be done. Instead, just go with the flow for an easier couple of days!


You are likely to find yourself jumping through quite a few hoops right now. And it may have resulted in you losing your head of sorts. You see, I sense that you should take a few steps back to try to see the bigger picture. Ask yourself why you're going to such lengths. If you ask me, you could be about to realise that it's all a lot of effort for precious little in return!

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