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By Alan Bridges

Saturday 23 / Sunday 24 May 2015


I'm sensing that you will discover that there's an unexpected reason to celebrate. Now, I have to admit that I don't feel that it's directly got to do with you. But alas, you can still be happy for someone else who is enjoying something of a windfall in their life. You see, this should give you hope. Their lot has improved remarkably in a short period of time. When you have faith, nothing is beyond the realm of possibility!


This weekend you could find yourself getting involved in something that really has nothing to do with you. And you should catch yourself before going too far. You see, I sense that it's something of a quagmire. You'll expend loads and loads of energy only to find that you're worse off for having done so. In other words, you're about to embark on a thankless task. Make life easy by opting to be a little selfish right now!


You need to look at what you're doing right now. That's right, step back and try to see it objectively and impartially. Hopefully now you'll appreciate what an amazing job you've been doing. It's not enough to pat yourself on the back. You've got to blow your trumpet. Make sure that those around you behold the fruit of your labour. Well done you!


You certainly have been working hard. And so, right now you could do with a well-deserved diversion. For some of you, this will involve a bit of flirtation action. Well, to each their own, I say. Just be sure that you know what you're doing before you go too far. Your desire for a good time could see you get involved in something that in hindsight might not appear to be such a good idea!


You've been saying that you would do something. And now you have your chance. There's nothing pressing. There's no-one to tell you no. So then, what's it going to be? Do you have the courage to embark on that journey? Or will you bottle it? If you ask me, I'd say go for it. The thing is that if you never try, then you will never know. And that's guaranteed!


You may not be all that keen but you're just going to have to put a smile on that face and do some meeting and greeting. That's right, like it or not, you've got some socialising to do. Resist the urge to phone in sick and dive under the duvet. If you force yourself into your glad rags, then you could surprise yourself. You see, I sense that you just need a nudge and then you'll be away!


This weekend is all about duty. Of course, there are things that you would like to do. Indeed, you've got a to-do list as long as your arm of things that you feel you need to do. But life is about to throw you a curve ball. Expect your weekend routine to go out the window. It's not going to be about you. So, resist the temptation to hog the spotlight. Instead, recognise that your place is to support you know who like only you can!


As you know, words are very powerful things indeed. And this weekend, I'm sensing that you could be caught off guard by what a certain someone is going to say. It may not be pleasant or even polite for that matter. But you mustn't assume that you've heard it correctly. You see, this is a time when it would be easy to misunderstand and misinterpret. Seek clarification before you demand an apology!


Life is about to take you on something of a detour. So, expect delays and glitches this weekend. It's not that you're not going to get to where you want to be as much as it's about the universe ensuring that you're where you need to be. The unexpected is coming - and then some. Roll with it. If you fight it, you will lose. If you remain open, you could be about to discover the ticket to a new direction!


This weekend you need to turn the volume down. That's right, you need peace and you need quiet. So, push yourself and burn that candle at both ends at your peril. If you continue to ignore what your body and your higher self are both telling you, then there will be consequences. My advice would be to start listening more to what you have to say to yourself and paying less heed to the nonsense being spouted by you know who!


According to what I'm sensing, you're going to feel that you're simply not getting what you want out of the same old same old this weekend. And so, you shouldn't try to push on regardless. Any attempts to make do will only leave you feeling less than impressed. So, shake things up at once. If it's not the sort of thing that you would normally do, then by all means do it now!


You're going to find yourself in a can do frame of mind this weekend. And there will be little that you won't want to get stuck into. Just make sure that you don't tread on any toes or overstep the mark. The last thing you want is to be accused of meddling. Perhaps it's best to seek an invitation first - instead of barging on in there!

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