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By Alan Bridges

Saturday 25 / Sunday 26 April 2015


Someone close to you is feeling the pressure to keep going and going. To be sure, it's like they are practically running on fumes. And so, now would be a good time to go that extra mile for them - as they have done for you in the past. Of course, you cannot take over completely for them. But you most certainly can lighten their load. What you do next could make a huge difference in their life - for the better!


It would be easy to conclude that you know all that there is about you know who and what's going on in their life right now. But I'm here to tell you that you're making more than a handful of assumptions. And that's not necessarily very good for either of you. So, I would suggest that you take a walk in their shoes - to see the world from their eyes. Believe you me, it's not nearly so cut and dried!


You shouldn't be afraid of making the first move this weekend. What you and you know who share could be on the verge of moving up to the next level, so to speak. But you shouldn't wait for them to take the lead. Of course you're only trying to be polite. But there's nothing wrong with you going for it when you know what it is that you want. Be confidently assertive. Remember, if you don't ask, you won't get!


You mustn't rush into anything this weekend. Take your time. You see, your impatience for change could see you returning to square one - if you're not careful. So, think about what you're doing before you do it - not afterwards or even as you're doing it. Trust me, taking the time to consider the consequences will save you a whole heap of bother!


To be sure, there are many things that are far from ideal about the situation you're in. But right now you should consider just how much of it you're actually in a position to change. Now, please understand that I'm not trying to depress you. Rather, I'm trying to dissuade you from hitting your head against a brick wall any longer. Perhaps - just perhaps - now would be a good time to consider the path of surrender and acceptance!


The people around you have so many ideas - about you - for you. Indeed, if you were to let them, they would be planning your life for you. But alas, it's your life and it must be you who is at the helm. So, stand tall this weekend and declare your next move. Don't worry about having all the details worked out. Sometimes it's simply better to get under way and let things develop as they will!


It's time to look at that relationship in your life. You see, from the way that it seems to me, there's much more right with it than there is wrong. If you ask me, you spend far too much time worrying about, and even looking for, trouble. Why not consider the possibility that it might just all work out? I sense you could - and should - allow yourself the luxury of being more optimistic than you have been of late!


News is coming your way. And I'm sensing that it will cause you to change your current direction. Well, don't look for any outside approval. They won't understand why you feel compelled to alter your course. But if you give them time, they will come to see that you've done the right thing. But they will - believe you me - need time to reach that point!


Changes are needed on the home front. And you shouldn't shy away from undertaking steps that will lead to massive improvements. You see, there are times when baby steps are called for. And then, there are times, like this weekend, when it's all about taking a giant leap. Go for it. The universe itself is in your corner and will do all that it can to ensure your success!


This weekend it's as though you are the non-conformist of the zodiac. To be sure, you're moving to the beat of your own drum. And I'm here to encourage you to dare to be different. What you want right now isn't to be found with the gang. Go your own way and do your own thing. If you ask me, you could do far worse than to assert your right to be you!


It's time to consider what happened way back when between you and you know who. No, I'm not suggesting that you take it from the top again. Nothing will be gained by rehashing it - all over again. But perhaps you could admit that they had their reasons - as you had yours. Perhaps it's time to acknowledge that you both were simply doing the best you could. Extend that olive branch and let bygones be bygones!


You've got some very interesting ideas about what to do next in your life. But you mustn't forget that it's not just about you. There are other people who will be affected by your actions. And these are other people who should be consulted. If I were you, I'd start the process of building a consensus this weekend. Trust me, you don't want to present anything as a done deal!

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